Edge IoT Teaching Platform 2022.01.07

IOT-110 is a platform that integrates the training of edge computing, AI,and IoT, whose system consists of 16 sensor modules,
edge computing modules, and AI computing accelerators.

Each of the 16 sensor modules is embedded in a separate aluminium housing.  The shell contains a hook and each module
is embedded with a rechargeable Li-battery, which is convenient for users to deploy it in most training environments and
receive sensor data quickly.

System Features
1.  An open-source integrated development environment : users can start programming by using easy-to-use language.
2. Graphical programming language development tools : users can generate program writing by dragging and dropping.
3.  A flexible structure : convenient to set up and deploy required experimental environments easily.
4.  All data collected from sensors are stored in database. Data can also be uploaded to cloud servers, such as ThingSpeak,
     Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.
5. Completely follow the MQTT communication protocol, and data is obtained through publication and subscription.

Learning topics
1. Introduction and application of 16 sensor modules
2. Edge computing modules
3. Comprehensive IoT development tools • Python • MQTT • Node-red • HTML & CSS • JavaScript • MySQL • Django