AQUECARE T1 Plus 2021.05.17




AQUECARE T1 Plus CORDLESS HANDHELD SANITIZER helps you to get rid of germs and bacteria effectively, it’s your rapid sanitization solution for all kinds of rooms and spaces. The birth of AQUECARE T1 Plus transforms the sanitization process and experience, providing a large surface coverage through its unique spray nozzle and powerful motor, with a maximum effective distance of 2.5m and covering a 0.8m diameter at its “tip.” With a single full refill (300ml) of the DISINFECTANT, AQUECARE T1 Plus is capable of covering an area of approximately 200sqm .

The cord-free AQUECARE T1 Plus allows you the freedom to move room-to-room, or area-to-area, without breaking stride. And the lightweight body at less than 2kgs is designed for one-handed or two-handed use, making it suitable for even school - age children to operate easily.  AQUECARE T1 Plus has passed all EMC, FCC and CE test requirements.  Saft protection have Over-heat, Over-charge,Over-discharge,Over-current protection.