Qubii - Automatic backup cube 2021.05.13 


 Insert micr-SD memory card into Qubii    Plug Qubii into charging block & insert USB cable into Qubii

Qubii provides automatic full back-up of your data while you’re charging your device. It saves your data into a micr-SD memory card; once full, the Qubii app will remind you to replace a card to continue the back-up process without duplication. This is Apple-certified MFi product, useable and workable even when the iOS has been updated. An innovative iOS invention called ‘Non-interference Background Thread Technology’ allows you to make calls and play games as Qubii continues to work in the background. Qubii creates separate folders so you can share one memory card between different devices. Can be used as card reader or USB port. One year manufacturer’s warranty. This combination is exclusive to Cathy Pacific Group.