Shallin adds 1000+ new items 2017.07.13

We adds approximately 1,050 new items into product line this year, including Waterproof series-Subminiature Toggle Switches / Pushbutton Switches / Micro Switches / M8 & M12 Connectors /
Micro USB B type / D-Subminiature Connectors, Sealed Tact Switches, Metal Pushbutton Switches, Mini Rotary Switches, AC Sockets, Coaxial series-SMZ / FAKRA SMB / SMP / SMPM / K (2.92mm) / Compression Connectors, USB 3.1 type C Connectors / Cables, HDMI Adapters / Cables, Audio Converter / Extractor, HDMI Switcher / Splitter / Repeater / Extender, Bluetooth Audio Transceiver / Receiver ... etc..

There are 70 new items can be ordered online now, please check the following link.

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