RF automotive connector right angle FAKRA HSD plug PCB with 8 additional power pins MQS housing
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Specification :
Data Sheet
Electrical Characteristics


·Gender: Male
·Body orientation: Right angle
·Mouting type: Panel mount
·Termination: Solder
·Impedance, differential mode: 100Ω differential signalling
·Frequency: DC to 2GHz
·Signal contact resistance: 10mΩ Max.
·Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ Min.
·Insertion loss: 0.1dB Max. at 1GHz
·Return loss: 20dB Min. to 1GHz, 17dB Min. to 2GHz
·Temperature range: -40°C to +105°C
·Mating cycles: 25 Min.
·Engagememt force: 30N Max.
·Disengagement force: 5N Min.
·Retention force latch: 110N Min.
·Coding efficiency: 80N Min.
·Coding color: Graphite black, natural, light blue, claret violet, water blue


·Insulator: PA9T
·Contacts: Brass, 6u" selective gold plated (contact area), 120u"~240u" tin plate (solder tails area)
·Outer contacts: Zinc alloy, 120u"~240u" tin(matte) plated over 120u"~240u" nickel over 240u"~480u" Cu (underplate)