7.5mm 10W mini battery hot melt glue gun 6V (4x1.5V AA batteries) with approval including 3 glue sticks
  • Item No.:SN7383
  • Product Range : Glue Gun
  • Approval:
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Electrical Characteristics


·This glue gun adopt high-tech high temperature PTC.
·High quality heating element, temperature rising rapidly, longer service life.
·The outside shell made of senior construction plastics, glue gun body is firm.


·Type: Hot melt
·Glue stick diameter: 7.0-7.5mm
·Nozzle diameter: 1.8-2.0mm
·Power rating: 10W
·Voltage rating: 6VDC (4x1.5V AA batteries)
·Operating temperature: 150°C~180°C
·Weight: 165g(without battery)


·Electronic circuit board
·Artificial flowers Christmas tree
·Decorations the metals product
·The toy model industry
·The wood product