DC plug 2.1x5.5 (L14)
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Data Sheet
Electrical Characteristics


DC power plug (also called barrel connector) is a common connector for providing direct current (DC) power to small devices and equipment. The plug is often located on the electrical cord and supplies power from the power supply.
DC power plugs constructed with concentric metal sleeves separated by an insulator. The standard DC power plug has two conductors (also called poles or pins): positive (power) and negative (ground). Connecting the positive and negative terminals correctly ensures that the electrical equipment receives the intended voltage and current, preventing potential damage to the equipment.
DC power plugs are available in a variety of inner and outer sleeve diameters and lengths of plug barrel. The most common DC power plug sizes are 5.5 mm outer diameter with 2.1 mm inner diameter and 5.5 mm outer diameter with 2.5 mm inner diameter.


·Type : DC power plug (barrel connector)
·Gender: Male
·Current rating: 1A
·Voltage rating: 12VDC
·Inner diameter: 2.1mm
·Outer diameter: 5.5mm
·Barrel length: 14.0mm
·Orientation: Straight
·Mouting type: Cable mount
·Contact resistance: 30mΩ Max.
·Insulation resistance: 100MΩ Min. at 24VDC 2A
·Withstand voltage: 500VAC for 1 minute


.Insulator ring: Nylon+fiber,black
.Inner barrel: Brass, nickel plated
.Crimping tube: Brass, nickel plated
.Outer sleeve: Brass, nickel plated
.Ground terminal: Brass, nickel plated
.Insulator: Nylon+fiber
.Housing: ABS, black