Membrane force & position sensor 30g~1000g (0.3N~9.8N)
Active area Φ14.7mm, active angle 360°
Can reach to IP65
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Data Sheet
Electrical Characteristics


·Ultra-thin and flexible, and sealed properties, velocity-sensitive.
·Rotary position sensor with center force detection function.


·Power rating: 1W Max. @25°C
·Response time: <1ms
·Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C
·Life cycle: >0.5 million
·Humidity: No affect @ 95% RH, 4hrs < 50°C
·IP rating: IP65
Force sensor
·Active area: Φ14.7mm
·Force sensitivity range: 30g~1000g (0.3N~9.8N)
·Force resolution: Continuous (analog)
·Stand-off resistance: >20MΩ (unloaded)
Position sensor
·Linearity: ±3% (independent)
·Resistance tolerance: ±20%
·Active angle: 360°
·Fitness, medical, industrial and many other applications