Waterproof touchless infrared sensor switch 0.5~10cm range, 0.5~20Sec. opening time
24VDC 26mA (24VAC 51mA)
Can reach to IP65
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Data Sheet
Electrical Characteristics


·Rating: 24VDC 26mA (24VAC 51mA)
.LED (power on): red
.LED (proximity): blue
.Proximity range: 0.5~10cm
.Adjustable opening time: 0.5~20Sec./latched on or off
.Relay contact rating: 125VAC 0.3A, 30VDC 1A
·Electrical life: Min. 100,000 operations at 1A 30VDC(at 0.5Hz)
·Mechanical life: Min. 50,000,000 operations
.Protection degree: IP65


·Shell: PC