Ceramic thermostat (NC) 80℃ W/approval
15A 125V (10A 250V) auto reset
  • Item No.:P6723B
  • Product Range : Thermostat
  • Approval:
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Data Sheet
Electrical Characteristics


·Temperature: 80°C
·Function: Normally close
·Reset type: Auto reset
·Electrical rating: 15A 125VAC / 10A 250VAC
·Reset differential: 10°C to 20°C
·Tolerance: ±3°C, ±5°C
·Contact resistance: 50mΩ Max.
·Insulation resistance: 100MΩ Min.
·Dielectric strength: 1500VAC for 1 minute
·Life cycles: 100,000 cycles under rated load


·Espressor machines
·Vending machines
·Toaster, Microwave
·Photo copier, UPS
·Home & heating appliances