Ultrasonic ranging sensor module 5VDC 15mA 40kHz
Sensing distance: 2~400cm
Sensing angle: ≦15°
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Electrical Characteristics


It provides non-contact measurement function and includes ultrasonic transmitters, receiver and control circuit.
The basic principle of work:
·Using IO trigger for high level signal
·It automatically sends eight 40kHz and detect whether there is a pulse signal back
·If the signal back, through high level, time of high output IO duration is the time from sending ultrasonic to returning


·Operating voltage: 5VDC
·Operating current: 15mA
·Operating frequency: 40kHz
·Sensing distance: 2 ~ 400cm
·Sensing angle: ≦15°
·Ranging accuracy: 3mm


·Object distance measurement
·Level detection
·Security systems
·Vehicle detection / avoidance