Sound sensor module 5VDC 500Hz~40kHz
Ranging distance: 0 ~ 500cm
S/N ratio: 40dB Min.
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Electrical Characteristics


It's the most sensitive to the environment sound intensity, commonly used to detect the intensity of the sound of the surroundings. When module in the intensity of the
sound environment can not reach set threshold, the OUT will output high level, when the intensity of the sound from the outside environment more than set threshold, the module OUT output low level.


·Operating voltage: 5VDC
·Ranging distance: 0 ~ 500cm
·Input frequency: 500Hz ~ 40kHz
·S/N ratio: 40dB or more
·Input sound pressure: 120dB SRL Max.
·Output model: Digital output (high / low level)


·Consumer electronics
·Security and monitoring systems
·Home automation
·Ambient sound recognition
·Sound level recognition