Miniature size 7x7mm rotary DIP
switch (16 positions)
5V 100mA (Min. 5V 10μA)
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Data Sheet
Electrical Characteristics


·Outer dimension 7.2mm square, 3.0mm high on board
·Positions and switch code can be identified
·Pin-out compatible with most of current equivalents
·Gold plated contact area ensures reliable electric continuity for micro current
·Surface mounting type can be supplied in embossed taping for automatic packing
·Easy position setting with wide switching angle and high digit visibility
·All plastics are UL 94V-0 grade fire retardant


·Rating: 100mA 5VDC Max. (switching load), 10pA 5VDC Min. (switching load)
·Contact resistance: 100mΩ Max. (initial)
·Insulation resistance: 100MΩ Min. at 100VDC
·Dielectric strength: 250VAC RMS. for 1 minute
·Operation force: 510 gf-cm Max.
·Operation life: 10,000 detents Min.
·Vibration: 10Hz-50Hz-10Hz for 6Hrs.
·Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
·Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
·Solderability: After flux 245±5°C for 5±1 seconds
·Resistance to soldering heat: 260±5°C for 5±1 seconds


·Address switching applications
·Data storage devices
·Computer and peripherals