178mm Modular crimping tool for 8P8C/RJ45 toolless field termination plug and keystone jack
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Data Sheet
Electrical Characteristics


·It is simple and fast to work with tool free plugs and jacks.
·The front is designed for crimping tool free keystone jacks, and the bottom part is used to crimp tool free termination plugs.
·Exerting a little force on the handle, and the jack or the plug will be terminated with no hassle.
·The surface is specially treated with zinc coating to protect the plugs and the jacks during the crimping process.
·The handle is covered with PVC, giving the tool a comfortable touch.


·Type of tool: For crimping
·Crimp connector type: Field termination plug & tool free keystone jack
·Crimp tool application: 8P8C(RJ45)
·Width: 52mm
·Overall length: 7" (178mm)
·The front crimp slot: 18.2mm (length) / 18mm (width)
·The bottom slot: 14.8mm (length) / 14mm (width)


·Crimping slot: Zinc coating
·Handle: PVC cover